Family album


2004 (Bluelight Records), CD

  1. Stop breaking down ( + Kim Wilson)
  2. I´m leaving you (+ Carey Bell)
  3. Five long years (+ Carey Bell)
  4. Axim (+ Louisiana Red)
  5. Hurry sunshine (+ Louisiana Red)
  6. Bessie Mae (+ Omar Dykes)
  7. Born on the bayou (+ Omar Dykes)
  8. Those days are gone (+ Sven Zetterberg )
  9. Heartaches and hangovers (+ Sven Zetterberg )
  10. I don´t need a holiday (+ Eddie Kirkland )
  11. Meet me on Sugar Hill (+ Eddie Kirkland )
  12. Travelin’ mood (+ Gary Primich )
  13. Real gone lover (+ Gary Primich )
  14. Best of me (+ Eero Raittinen )
  15. I don´t care (+ Eero Raittinen )

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Wentus Blues Band has achieved a status as the most successful roots music group in Finland and this CD; FAMILY ALBUM is the documentary of this. On this cd you can hear them play together with friends KIM
WILSON, CAREY BELL, LOUISIANA RED, OMAR DYKES, SVEN ZETTERBERG, EDDIE KIRKLAND, GARY PRIMICH, EERO RAITTINEN … The cd has achieved great reviews in the press; The bluesalbum of the year – Helsingin Sanomat 

Produced by Niko Riippa and Wentus Blues Band

Recorded at: House Of Dread, Jakobstad, Finland


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