Wentus Blues Band


1989 (Own label), Originally released on LP
1.Hallelujah (I Love Her So)
2.Evil Is Goin´ On
3.Baby, Please Don´t Go
4.Total Abstainer Boogie
5.When A Man Loves A Woman
6.Don´t Start Me To Talkin´
7.The Walk
8.Think Twice Before You Go
9.Love In Vain
10.The Blues Had A Baby And They Named It Rock´n´Roll (#2
11.Violent Love
12. I Just Want To Make Love To You
13. Baby Kate
14. A Tribute To Nedervetil

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The debut album consists mainly of songs written by our influences, this CD also contains of 2 songs originally released 1991 on single “Genuine Doggone Music” Powerful songs in the spirit of Dr Feelgood! Also a special bonustrack never released before: “A tribute to Nedervetil”
Produced by: Rami Hammar & Wentus Blues Band
Recorded at: Ram-Ham Studios, Kokkola, Finland
Last 3 songs: “Genuine Doggone Music” :
Produced by: Wentus Blues Band
Recorded at: Karivox Studios, Kokkola, Finland