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“These guys play the kind of Rhythm & Blues that would make America proud”

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Nordic blues explosion

While most people associate the blues with the steamy bayous of  Louisiana and the cotton fields of Mississippi, lovers of the devil´s music may be surprised to hear that there is also a thriving scene in Scandinavia. At the heart of this Nordic blues explosion are the WENTUS BLUES BAND, who hail from Kokkola in central Finland.
And while the pinestudded wilderness of their homeland is about as far as you can get from the jukejoints of the Deep South, there´s no doubting  their musical credentials. Established in 1986, the band have acquired a reputation as the hardest working in Scandinavia and play around 150 gigs a year.
The Wentus Blues Band has toured in 17 different countries, released 10 albums, done several TV-shows, headlined festivals and toured with many great bluesmen. Expect explosive blues and frantic rhythm and blues, played with laid back stylishness.


New Album Release!

Wentus Blues Band is celebrating 35 years anniversary this fall.  Most people associate the blues with Louisiana’s bayous and Mississippi’s cotton fields. But lovers of “the devil ́s music” might be surprised to learn that there’s also a thriving scene in Scandinavia. At the heart of this Nordic blues explosion are the Wentus Blues Band, who...


Dylan in Finnish!

Dylan suomeksi – Dylan in Finnish This might be one of the most obscure releases among the numerous recordings of Bob Dylan songs. An album filled with songs written by Dylan – with lyrics translated into Finnish! Dylan suomeksi (Dylan in Finnish) was originally released on CD to celebrate Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday in 2006....


Dylan Suomeksi vihdoinkin vinyylinä!

Bob Dylanin 80-vuotisjuhlan kunniaksi Dylan suomeksi vihdoinkin vinyylinä Ilmestyy: 6.8.2021. Tuote lähetetään kotiisi julkaisupäiväksi. Viisi vuotta sitten Bob Dylanin 75-vuotispäivää juhlistanut “Dylan suomeksi” julkaistaan nyt   myös vinyylinä  rajoitettuna painoksena. Nimekkäät suomalaisartistit kunnioittavat kaikkien aikojen merkittävintä lauluntekijää esittämällä Bob Dylanin kappaleita suomeksi laulettuna. Mukana ovat Anssi Kela, J. Karjalainen, Paleface, Mariska, Mika Kuokkanen & Ninni Poijärvi,...


Wentus Blues Band celebrates 35 years!

Hello everybody! Wentus Blues Band celebrates it´s 35 years anniversary this year! We will do this by releasing new music and also presenting some videomaterial from over the years.. Hopefully we can do some shows later this year as well.. On April 16th we will release a new single; “You Gonna Make Me Cry” – an...


New Single Out digitally!

Wentus Blues Band ft Duke Robillard new single: HOW DO YOU SLEEP ?  When we started to work on the Too Much Mustard – album in Rhode Island, USA last year, each and one of us made a suggestion of a cover and Pekka Gröhn ( who is the biggest Beatles-fan in Finland ) came...


Blues Hall Of Fame

Wentus Blues Band has now been inducted into the Blues Hall Of Fame. The ceremony was held in Sweden at the Trollhättan Jazz & Blues Festival by Blues Hall Of Fame ambassadeur Bruno Yxenholt. We are very honoured of this and very glad that our more than 30 years on the road is appreciated in this way....

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“Sitting alone in a dark room with the Family meeting footage, I was moved to tears and laughter over and over again just by watching the musicians that have seen and done it all.”

– Director Heikki Kossi

FAMILY MEETING tells a unique story about people behind music. The film was shot during the fall 2006, in and around the 20th anniversary concert of the Wentus Blues Band, also on their home turf in Ostrobotnia, Finland. It’s a delicious mash-up of backstage life and passionate stage performances. The film features an impressive line-up of rock and blues legends, such as Eddie Kirkland and Louisiana Red, ex-Rolling Stone Mick Taylor, Kim Wilson from the Fabulous Thunderbirds, Omar Dykes from Omar & The Howlers, Barrence Whitfield, Eric Bibb, Lazy Lester, Sven Zetterberg and Clas Yngström from Sweden, Lester from the States, deep south. All of the above-mentioned guests have a long history with the Wentus Blues Band. The film is about the family meeting of these musicians, joy, tolerance, and above all the immortal, shared moments within the Blues are intertwined. The meeting between the cottonfields of Mississippi and the potatofields of Finland..

This warm hearted story about friends brings a smile to your face and you can not do anything but enjoy the atmosphere. For once everyone is given the chance to experience the feeling of being on stage and backstage together with musicians famous worldwide. Family Meeting is not only an extraordinary film of what being a musician is really about, but it also captures valuable essentials about music from the cultural history
standpoint: “Play that you feel, feel that you play!”

The film is directed by Heikki Kossi, and produced by Mokul Filmi Oy. The film has been funded by the Finnish Film Foundation, AVEK, Svenska Kulturfonden, YLE FST5, SVT Sveriges television and the City of Kokkola.

The Film had it´s Cinemarelease in Finland in November 2007. The Cinemarelease in Sweden started at the Gothenburg Filmfestival 2008 on February 1st.

The Film was nominated for a JUSSI – the finnish version of OSCAR for best documentary 2007 and also nominated for a VENLA – best musicprogram on TV 2008.

Film festivals: Past screenings:
Midnight Sun Film Festival, Sodankylä, Finland, 2007
 – Rakkautta ja Anarkiaa, Helsinki, Finland, 2007 – 
Gothenburg Film Festival, Sweden, 2008 – 
Tampere Film Festival, Finland, 2008 – Malmö Filmdagar, Sweden, 2008 – Blue Sea Film Festival, Finland, 2008 
North by Northeast/NXNE, Toronto, Canada 2008 Moffom – Music on Film Film On Music Prague, Czech 2008 CIMM – Chicago International Music & Movies Festival. USA, 2009

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