We are very sad about the passing of one of the greatest and most beloved bluesartists; LOUISIANA RED. We had the fortune to meet him in 1996 and our work together started 2 years later when we invited him to Finland. Over the years we got to play with him about a hundred shows and also a documentary was made about Red and his relationship with Niko Riippa: MISSISSIPPI – NEDERVETIL. Red was never a guest with our band, he was a member of our band and he always talked about us as his Finnish band.. He was our mentor and together with Eddie Kirkland he learned us the secrets in playing the blues. There are so many stories that we could tell about Red and to make it short we have to say that we always had a ball with him.. we honour the memory of Red and we miss you. Thank You Red for all the moments, Thank you!  Rest in Peace!