Hello Everybody!

We had some really great shows this spring, the shows in Norway were great, we had an interesting nice evening at Peckas Eldkök in Sweden with great food and Niko got to play with a 57 Stratocaster there as well..  In Salla we went downhill skiing and Niko had an accident, luckily he managed and could play the same evening ( see picture.. ) .. but it looked bad and he suffered from pain a long time..

We are proud to present a really interesting summertour, we will this summer go to places where we haven´t been before; coming up is shows in Italy, Spain and Estonia. Besides that we will play the great Kaustinen Festival in Finland. We will not play many shows this summer with guestartists but due to the big request we have decided to do some shows with Sven Zetterberg, Barrence Whitfield and the incredible Eddie Kirkland.. see the tourplan for more details..

Other news ? Well; we will have some vacation in June and Juho will be renovating his house, Pekka will be playing Provinssi-Rock with Vesa-Matti Loiri, Kim will go for a swim ( see picture taken at Niagara Falls last summer ), Robban will be cruisin´ in his 65 Mustang, Axeli will go fishing and Niko will probably try out his fathers brand new Motorcycle.. and our 2nd drummer Robban Jr has just bought a new sofa from Ikea..