In January we will start our liveperformances first with playing one evening in Helsinki doing a double-bill show with Erja Lyytinen Band at Esa Kuloniemis Ghettoblues in Juttutupa. Since we are both RUF-recording artists we can call it a RUF-special!

In the end of the month we will travel down to Mid-Sweden first to do two shows on our own for our friends in Tidaholm and in Värnamo. After that we´ll hook up in Copenhagen with our mentor Eddie Kirkland. We will then play some shows with him in Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium.

We are looking forward to play with Eddie again, we haven´t played with him since September when we performed at the Hell Bluesfestival in Norway. Eddie had just then turned 85 years and playing with him feels like playing with a natural wonder.. He´s that good and in an incredible good condition for his age ..