The Members Of Wentus Blues Band

Juho Kinaret

.. was found by Wentus in Oulu some years ago, he says that he was working at the mentalhospital but we are not quite sure about his version of the story. What we know is that he is the son of a preacherman and offtours he is working in the filmbusiness ( adult entertainment or soundeffects ? ) The guy is a maniac, but a helluva singer and entertainer, a born star ( NOTE: do not read: Pornstar ). Quite often when he does backwardflips onstage the audience gets horrified for ending up seeing his ding-a-ling, it happened at our 20th anniversary, and in Toronto, and in..etc..

Robban Hagnäs

is doing the dirtyjob as the bassplayer in the band and besides that he is a notourios wheeler and dealer in the true Kokkola – leather and horsetrading-manner. After the shows you can buy CD`s, DVD´s, merchandise, T-shirts, underwears, socks, hotdogs, cars or whatever you need from him. Robban started to play the blues so that he wouldn´t have to be working in the garage lying under cars in the oilditch. Still he does do the service for the Wentus Chevy bluesvan.

Robban is one of the original members of the band and has also released soloalbums.

Niko Riippa

..uses a – early 80´s Squier guitar that he has been playing since he was 12 years old, so you can actually say that the guitar is a part of his body. Niko is a nice guy and his interests are: reading books, taking long walks, listening to music, philosophize about the matter of being. He loves being on long tours and when he´s not on the road, he is hiding out either in Helsinki or in Nedervetil. Niko has so far used about 200 km of guitarstrings and has not yet received a sponsordeal.  

Niko is also a original member of the band and when he is not out with Wentus, you can see him with his own band Niko Riippa´s Flying Circus. Niko has released several soloalbums.

Daniel Hjerppe

Daniel is a multi-talented-helluva-drummer that we found in Vaasa, We made him an offer he couldn´t refuse and now he´s got the shuffle together like no one else.. Wonderful guy that really kicks ass on his old Ludwig Drumkit!


Pekka Gröhn

..has played keyboards with nearly all popstars in distant Finland, he joined Wentus some years ago and is now a permanent member in the band. He is also a member in the very famous J. Karjalainen Band and is keeping busy playing with both Karjalainen and Wentus.

Kim “Hiding” Vikman

Retired original member that every now and then sits in for Pekka Gröhn whenever Pekka is too busy with Karjalainen..  Hiding is a great character that can play the blues like nobody else.. Lives in the Mississippi of Finland: Alaveteli.