Wentus Blues Band will release a new album. The brand new album ”TOO MUCH MUSTARD” will be released on Friday 13th September


The new album was recorded in USA at the Lakewest Recording Studios in Rhode Island and is produced by the legendary guitarplayer Duke Robillard. The Duke himself plays also guitar on the album.


The new album consists of 50 % originals written by the Wentus Blues Band along with 2 songs from Duke Robillards early releases; ”She Made My Mind” and ”Passionate Kiss”. The band also covers songs by their old friend Lazy Lester, Holmes Brothers, Tom Waits, Robert Johnson and Leonard Cohen (!)


On 23rd of August a single will be released from the album. Wentus and Duke is doing a very fine version of the famous song ”First We Take Manhattan” written by Leonard Cohen but originally released by Jennifer Warnes in 1986.


  • Duke wanted to cut this song since he loves the version with Jennifer Warnes and his old buddy Stevie Ray Vaughan plays some really great guitar on it. Duke has always wanted to do a version of it and so we had the chance to do it with him – says Robban Hagnäs – bassplayer in the band..


The collaboration and the album has been in planning for years. For the guys in Wentus it means a lot since of their first gigs was actually as support for Duke back in the 80´s when he made a stop in the bands hometown. Over the years Wentus made friends with Duke and they have toured together in Sweden and Finland.


  • For us it was a big honour to record with him in the same studio where he has made all his fine recordings – Says Robban Hagnäs



The title of the album has also it´s own story: Tom Waits invited Duke to play on a session with him, and during the session Waits kept on coming back to Duke telling him to put on more distortion on the guitar.. to a point where Duke thought it sounded awful and kept on grinning while he played. Tom Waits noticed this and came close up to him asking in his very wellknown low voice ”What´s the matter–Too Much Mustard ? ”