Wentus Blues Band releases CHRISTMAS-ALBUM!!

Wentus Blues Band: Yuletide!

[Yuletide = Christmas Season]

Even though you may not hear the old English word ”Yule” in everyday language, Christmas season brings it alive. Apart from yuletide the dictionary recognizes the word ”yule-log” (Christmas tree). The word ”Yule” resembles closely the Swedish word ”julen” and very likely originates from Scandinavia.

Same ol’, same ol’, huh?  Wanna  get on happy Christmas mood but are so done with Rudolf the Reindeer, Drummer Boy and  White Christmas?  And definitely no more Jingle Bells.

Ho ho ho. Chin up folks, the ”Yuletide” by Wentus Blues Band is here!

This year the band has released a Christmas  album with rollickin’ kickin’ tongue-in-cheek  manner made blues tracks.  It is a must-have Christmas Calendar packed with juicy blues bonbons like ”Santa needs some lovin’” , ”Back Door Santa” and ”Let’s stay together after Christmas” that reveal more about Santa than you ever would tell your children.  Please don’t.

Instead of regular listening Wentus Blues Band strongly recommends releasing the true potential of this full Christmas catering. It sure works better than eggnogs  heating up your season party to a guaranteed knees-up.  Even if it gets a little bit naughty, never mind. Santa doesn’t care as he’s busy with listening to his copy.

Following the tradition, the album was recorded in a meeting room of Linnusperän Martat association in Ventus, Kokkola – just below the Band’s training cabin. The three-day job  was carried out in June with no Christmas dishes but a great feeling!